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Avenue Consulting provides exceptional service in all industry sectors based on specialists with years of experience to provide the best services and full solutions upon individual needs.


• Executive Search
• Database Recruitment
• Assessment Center
• Outplacement
• Personnel Audit

We offer various special tools as psychodiagnostic tests, competency based methods of interviews and other technics tailored to meet client needs.


Organizational changes triggered by companies’ restructuring processes often lead to downsizing. When a greater number of employees needs to be made redundant responsible employers choose to sensitively manage the outplacement process aiming at supporting the employees, coping with the change and helping them with finding the right new job outside of the organization.

Professionally managed outplacement process provides several benefits:

  1. Successful coping with the loss of employment and leading the employees through the process of preparation for the new job search activity aiming at the best experience, skills, and competence fit;
  2. Positive apprehension of the employer by the let through employees and the efficient protection of the company’s good name;
  3. Minimization of the downsizing impact on the organization;
  4. Gaining of the valuable feedback from the redundant employees.

Thanks to broad knowledge of psychology, project management expertise, critical situations management, coaching, and proved training practice focusing on building and reinforcing job seeking and interviewing skills, Avenue Consulting enables the outplacement processes to be professionally managed, communicated, structured, and organized. Before any outplacement process takes place Avenue Consulting experts propose the tailor made outplacement project reflecting the organization’s needs and requirements. For more information please contact…

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