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Avenue Consulting provides exceptional service in all industry sectors based on specialists with years of experience to provide the best services and full solutions upon individual needs.


• Executive Search
• Database Recruitment
• Assessment Center
• Outplacement
• Personnel Audit

We offer various special tools as psychodiagnostic tests, competency based methods of interviews and other technics tailored to meet client needs.


A personnel audit is used to measure effectiveness and efficiency in an organisation, when we need to answer questions regarding whether we use our employees potential efficiently, whether we have established a functioning organizational structure in the company, are our company processes in line with our strategic goals? The audit is then individually designed depending upon the situation in the company to review the areas of human resources, management, procedures and development. Depending on the client requirements, we adapt certain parts of the audit and methodology used to suit each customer individually.

We use the following methods:

In case of need, other consultations can be included as required, depending upon the personnel audit.


Training and development is a crucial tool, with its help the company’s stability is secured, development training is able to immediately react to the constantly changing working environment and trends in the market place. It also enhances the motivation of the employees themselves. Avenue Consulting partners with many internal and external specialists to provide intricate services for our clients specifically based on their needs. Training and development programs can be complex or specifically targeted tackling certain competencies.

In the first stage we need to identify and establish personal attributes and skills that we will target with special development activities. We use assessment or development centres or personnel audit to identify these needs.


Besides other educational and training methods, we cooperate with specialists who are focused primarily on either individual or group coaching. Their focus is to find out the potential of each individual and advance it to maximise their output.
Coaching uses one to one interviews, analysing situations the individuals are in. The aim is not to advise but to support and help to find other procedures leading to a successful and productive outcome. By going through this process, the individual that is being coached will help discover by himself what motivates and drives him and how to be proactive with regards to one’s own personnel development.

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